These are the tribute artists and bands who regularly perform for the Agency.

There may be others available, who don't work with us as often, so please ask if you can't see what you are looking for.

For all enquiries please call 07966 360887 or email


Duo | Backing Tracks | Covers | Soul, Blues, Ska | 1960s to 1980s!

THE BOOZE BROTHERS deliver a high-energy night of blues, soul and ska covers. With their first set devoted to an authentic Blues Brothers tribute and their second set to a selection of ska classics.

THE BOOZE BROTHERS are sure to entertain the audience with their music and antics!


Solo | Backing Tracks

SARAH SAVILLE has been compared to this great singer for many years and performs a Karen Carpenter tribute act consisting of twenty-six Carpenters classics.

SARAH SAVILLE very much enjoys the music of the Carpenters, and this enjoyment seems to have been infectious in the tribute shows she has performed so far, necessitating several encores! This act features full costume including changes.

Top Of The World - The Carpenters performed by Sarah Saville.mp3.mp3

We've Only Just Begun - The Carpenters performed by Sarah Saville.mp3

A Kind Of Hush - The Carpenters performed by Sarah Saville.mp3


Solo | Backing Tracks | Covers | Swing, Jazz, Rat Pack | 1960s to Now!

GRANT JAMES, based in Bournemouth, has been singing and performing in one way or another from a very young age. He is very comfortable in front of all audiences large or small, young or old. He covers classic songs from the greatest male vocalists of the last fifty years such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Bobby Darin, and the more modern versions from icons such as Michael Bublé and Robbie Williams.

GRANT JAMES has performed at some outstanding events over the last few years including the Cicely Foundations Charity Ball at the famous Royal Bath Hotel, The Help For Heroes Event at HMS Collingwood and Bournemouth Air Festival to name just a few. Grant also performs in a duo with Helena Mace.

Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone - Dean Martin performed by Grant James.mp3

Little Old Wine Drinker Me - Dean Martin performed by Grant James.mp3

Fly Me To The Moon - Frank Sinatra performed by Grant James.mp3


REMBRANDT - a tribute band with a difference, but first, let’s make something clear: yes, R.E.M. did write some dark and moody songs, but making the mistake that all R.E.M. songs are like ‘Everybody Hurts’ is like thinking every Beatles song is like “Yesterday” or every Led Zeppelin song is like the first half of “Stairway To Heaven”. Most of R.E.M.’s back catalogue is either all out rock, like “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?” “The One I Love” or “Bad Day”, or it’s ridiculously catchy pop, like “The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite”, “Stand” or “Shiny Happy People”. Yes, you’ve got the big hits, like “Man On The Moon” or “Losing My Religion” but if you want a five piece rock band with a difference here it is!

REMBRANDT – let’s clear something else up: R.E.M. may have sold 85 million records worldwide , but it didn’t stop them from covering other artists too – and so that’s exactly what REMbrandt do as well. Typical sets now include takes on songs by other artists as diverse as Iggy Pop, Creedence Clearwater Revival and U2. Make no mistakes, with over 50 years gigging experience amongst them, this band is so much more than you’re expecting.

What's The Frequency, Kenneth - R.E.M. performed by REMbrandt.mp3

Man On The Moon - R.E.M. performed by REMbrandt.mp3

The Great Beyond - R.E.M. performed by REMbrandt.mp3




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