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These are the soloists who regularly perform for the Agency.

There may be others available, who don't work with us as often, so please ask if you can't see what you are looking for.

For all enquiries please call 07966 360887 or email


Solo | Acoustic, Backing Tracks | Covers | Rock, Pop, Soul | 1960s to Now!

ANDY OSMAN is a professionally trained singer with an eclectic taste spanning many generations. He has played at some of the south coast's most prestigious venues and has a wealth of experience.

ANDY OSMAN has a great personality and engages confidently with an audience to deliver a performance tailored perfectly for any occasion. He is also an accomplished wedding singer and can sing you down the aisle to your favourite song. Andy has recently complimented his repertoire and can offer his personal tribute to Elton John, Billy Joel and Queen.

Don't You Want Me - The Human League performed by Andy Osman.mp3


Solo | Acoustic, Electric | Covers | Pop, Rock, Blues ‘n’ Boogie | 1960s to Now!

BRENT HUTCHINSON has over thirty years experience including solo and duo acoustic performances and fronting festival bands across the country. He has perfected the art of live looping to create grooves and beats that take his sound way beyond just strumming a guitar, no backing tracks are used.

BRENT HUTCHINSON can deliver a wide variety of sets from high-energy to soft and subtle depending on what is required. Whether it be a pub, club or private party Brent’s range of styles provides something for everyone.

Brent Hutchinson Live Showreel.mp3


Solo | Acoustic | Covers | Rock, Pop, Country, Folk | 1960s to Now!

CHARLIE BATEMAN has been performing across the country since he was a teenager, fronting bands and performing as a solo artist putting his own twist on great songs from a wide range of genres.

CHARLIE BATEMAN is known for his rhythmic guitar work and soulful voice. At one of his gigs you can expect to hear upbeat songs you know and love from rock, pop, country or even folk.


Solo | Acoustic | Covers | Folk Rock, Sea Shanties | 1960s to Now!

CHRIS RICKETTS is the sort of artist who can hold a whole room spellbound with the sound of his voice alone (Acoustic Magazine). Chris has honed his craft on cruise ships after being a semi-finalist in the BBC 2 Young Folk Awards, and uses that talent to perform a wide selection of acoustic folk rock, sea shanties and popular covers.

CHRIS RICKETTS tours in various projects extensively throughout the UK, Europe and Canada, playing every show with his unique, quick witted and skillful delivery.


Solo | Electric, Backing Tracks | Covers | Pop, Country, Rockabilly | 1950s to 2000s!

COLIN SHORE has been entertaining people for over forty years in venues across the south coast of England. He performs a wide range of material to suit most audiences. He is a great Shadows fan and his set includes their greatest hits.

COLIN SHORE has played with many bands throughout the years and shared the stage with well-known acts including Mungo Jerry, The Ivy League, The Dreamers and The Merseybeats.


Solo | Acoustic | Covers | Rock, Pop | 1950s to Now!

Solo | Backing Tracks | Covers | Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz | 1950s to Now!

HELENA MACE has had years of experience in the music industry both as a soloist and in duos and bands. She has a natural flair for playing to all ages and can perform a specialist rock or 1980s set or a mixture of eras and genres.

HELENA MACE produces fantastic cover versions from a repertoire of hundreds of well known tracks. She can be booked as a solo singer or as part of a duo and is suitable for pubs, clubs, weddings, parties and corporate events.


Why Don't You Do Right - Peggy Lee performed by Helena Mace.mp3

Too Much Love Will Kill You - Queen performed by Helena Mace.mp3



Solo | Acoustic | Covers | Jazz, Pop | 1920s to Now!

JACK BOYD is a multi-instrumentalist who has played at some of the biggest festivals in the world. He plays guitar, banjo, piano, and sings, and has taken his music across the world to Italy, China and beyond.

JACK BOYD plays covers of your favourite songs on both guitar and piano, and would be perfect for any occasion.


Solo | Backing Tracks | Covers | Pop, Rock, Swing, Jazz, Disco | 1950s to Now!

JENNA HALL is a confident and vibrant female vocalist based in Worthing. She covers genres and eras from the 1950s to the present day including jazz, rock, swing, pop and disco, song choice is key so expect the unexpected!

JENNA HALL is suitable for all types of venue, so whether it be rocking out in a pub or club, or creating the mood for a wedding or party, she always delivers high quality and professional entertainment.

Tainted Love - Imelda May performed by Jenna Hall.mp3

Make You Feel My Love - Adele performed by Jenna Hall.mp3

Somebody To Love - Queen performed by Jenna Hall.mp3


Solo | Backing Tracks | Covers | Pop, Motown, Disco | 1960s to Now!

JODIE TOPP is a professionally trained singer and dancer who has performed in front of audiences worldwide.

JODIE TOPP delivers a high-energy, engaging show with songs that appeal to all ages.


Solo | Acoustic, Electric, Backing Tracks | Covers | Pop | 1950s to Now!

JOE BUTT, from Littlehampton, has had a long and interesting career performing as a soloist and in bands from an early age. He has an enthusiasm for good music from all eras which has given him a repertoire of hundreds of covers from the 1950s to the present day.

JOE BUTT currently performs acoustically, or with his own backing tracks, and can deliver a set to suit all events. He is loved everywhere he goes and his boundless creativity and vocal style are always in high demand.




Solo | Backing Tracks | Covers | Pop, Dance, R&B, Soul | 1960s to Now!

KEITH SIMON is a passionate, disciplined and hardworking singer, who aims for perfection in all his live performances. With an extensive musical background of live performances in everywhere from pubs and clubs, to the Victorious Festival in Portsmouth, his love for great music always shines through.

KEITH SIMON can perform a versatile and wide range of songs for every musical taste, but his passion lies with performing soul, dance and R&B classics by such artists as Kool & the Kang, Daft Punk, Olly Murs and Justin Timberlake.


Solo | Backing Tracks | Covers | Swing, Jazz, Motown

KIM G is a female vocalist, singing a range of genres from swing, jazz, ballads and motown.

KIM G is fast becoming a familiar face on the Hampshire pub, club and festival circuit, with recommendations from some of the area’s finest vocal talents she is a name worth watching and rarely disappoints.


Solo | Backing Tracks | Covers | Pop, Soul, Motown | 1960s to Now!

MO WOODS has been singing professionally for over twenty-five years. She performs solo with backing tracks and also fronts her own band.

MO WOODS is a confident, captivating performer, able to adapt to any environment. She brings a depth of experience and story-telling to her shows which is rarely encountered.


Solo | Multi-Instrumental Acoustic | Covers | Pop, Rock, Country | 1960s to Now!

ONE MAN FESTIVAL, Chris, is a multitasking musician like no other. Thanks to his ingenious foot-drums, he can play 100% live and sound like a full band! With some clever tech to add extra layers to his live playing you'll think you're listening to four or five people rather than just one.

ONE MAN FESTIVAL covers music from all eras, spanning acoustic pop/rock, folk, country, indie and amped-up alt-rock. He's also a whizz at playing requests at the drop of a hat. On top of all this, his stage presence and entertaining banter will keep you smiling and dancing all night!


Solo | Acoustic | Covers | Pop, Rock, Folk | 1950s to Now!

PHIL KELLY is a modern day travelling troubadour singing and playing covers from the 1950s to the present day. He has many years of live experience fronting the upbeat Celtic folk punk band Kelly’s Tattoo at all kinds of venues, events and festivals.

PHIL KELLY presents his one man show using 6 and 12 string guitars to accompany his voice, is very happy to accommodate requests and can shape his show to the requirements of each venue.


Solo | Backing Tracks | Covers | Rock 'n' Roll | 1950s to 1970s

ROCKIN’ COLIN, recently seen on Britain's Got Talent and X-Factor always delivers authentic, high-energy rock 'n' roll covers.

ROCKIN’ COLIN covers all the most popular artists such as Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran and Elvis Presley and can tell you the year and chart position of each hit!


Solo | Acoustic | Covers | Pop, Folk, Jazz | 1930s to Now!

Solo | Backing Tracks | Covers | Pop & Rock, Motown & Soul, Jazz | 1930s to Now!

SARAH SAVILLE is a Southampton-based vocalist and musician who has been performing as a solo artist, either with backing tracks , or acoustically, for over ten years. She has been described on many occasions as quite simply one of the South’s greatest vocal talents, and it’s easy to see why. With a diverse repertoire of over five hundred songs, ranging from jazz standards to modern chart hits, she regularly plays in a wide range of venues and local festivals, and as you can probably imagine, you don’t get to support Katie Melua in concert without some serious talent!

SARAH SAVILLE can also perform a wide range of themed evenings, singing Americana, Country, Folk, Irish, Christmas or Movie themed sets, and if that wasn’t enough, she performs an amazing Karen Carpenter tribute show. Simply put Sarah is one of the most accomplished, versatile and talented performers on the circuit.


Sing It Back - Moloko performed by Sarah Saville.mp3

Tainted Love - Soft Cell performed by Sarah Saville.mp3


Ironic - Alanis Morissette performed by Sarah Saville.mp3

Midnight Train To Georgia - Gladys Knight performed by Sarah Saville.mp3


Solo | Backing Tracks | Covers | Swing, Rock 'n' Roll | 1950s & 60s!

SIMON LANE will transport you to the era of Copa-Cabana-Cool, Hollywood Glamour and High School Hops with his mix of top hits from the Fifties. Set one takes you back in time to a cool Las Vegas lounge bar, filled with wise-guys and dames drinking their martinis and bourbon, as you listen to classic swing standards from the likes of Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra and Perry Como. Set two gets a little more raucous as Simon gets down-&-dirty with a selection of the best Rock ’n’ Roll songs that’ll have you stompin’-and-a-strollin’ just like they did when Elvis, Dion, Eddie and Buddy were leading the first generation of teenagers astray with their crazy beat music.

SIMON LANE has over forty years of performance experience and guarantees a night to remember, as he takes you on a musical journey back to an era when cats and chicks were getting their kicks and the music simply was the coolest! What are you waiting for? C’mon Everybody.


Solo | Electric & Backing Tracks | Covers | Pop, Rock, Blues | 1960s to Now!

STEVE WILLIAMS is a guitarist and vocalist who moved to Selsey from London in 2007. He has 30 years experience of playing in duos, groups and also solo, in pubs and clubs in England and abroad. This includes being a member of 'Scorpio', the resident dinner/dance/function group at the Bromley Court Hotel in South East London for over twelve years.

STEVE WILLIAMS plays many songs including country music, pop, reggae, rock and roll, middle of the road, ballads and rock music. He plays music from the 60s through to the present day, including classics by The Shadows, The Beatles, The Eagles, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Neil Diamond, Eddie Cochran etc. A rock set is also available.

Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash performed by Steve Williams.mp3

Our Love - The Bros Landreth performed by Steve Williams.mp3

All Shook Up - Elvis Presley performed by Steve Williams.mp3


Solo | Backing Tracks | Covers | Pop, Soul | 1950s to Now!

TERRY CARVEY has been singing for most of his life. He joined his first band at twenty-one and performed around London and Croydon. Upon moving to Worthing Terry became a solo singer with backing tracks performing in many local venues and at events including Worthing’s Birdman Rally.

TERRY CARVEY’s easy-going personality and laid-back style creates a warm and friendly atmosphere that audiences, young and old, appreciate.


Solo | Backing Tracks | Covers | Rock, Pop, Blues | 1970s to Now!

TREV VARRI is a very experienced performer with a smooth, dynamic blues influenced playing style, and a powerful, distinctive singing voice. He has accrued a wealth of experience in the music business over many years, taking in support tours with several world class bands including Thin Lizzy, ACDC and Dr Feelgood, as well as enjoying studio recording sessions with other well known artists.

TREV VARRI has been described as having a zany sense of humour and being a mischievous on-stage performer who quickly and easily connects with any audience. He performs rock and pop classic songs from the 1970s and 80s as well as some Gary Moore blues greats. He takes pride in being thought of as a thoroughly professional, presentable and easy to work with performer, with a song list that's long and varied and appealing to most audiences.





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