"We had a really good night, lots of good feedback for Amy, we will definitely want to have her back again."

- The Royal Naval Association - 10 August 2019

"Amy was great, we will have her back in the future, thank you."

- The Fisherman's Joy - 3 August 2019

"He was fab as usual! Undoubtedly another act that will be on the calendar again next year."

- The Anchor - 12 May 2019

"He went down really well, they all said how good he was."

- Beach Club - 26 January 2019

"Andy was amazing as usual."

- The Sun - 11 January 2019

"Andy was brilliant, it's always a pleasure to have him here."

- The Phoenix - 29 December 2018

"Andy was absolutely amazing and had everyone up from start to finish."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 20 October 2018

"Andy was fantastic yesterday after the football, he had a receptive and bantering crowd. A great evening."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 12 August 2018

"Andy was really good. We will definitely be booking him again in the future."

- The Golden Lion - 29 June 2018

"Hi Vicki just want to let you know that Andy Osman was brilliant last night."

- The Stag's Head - 13 April 2018

"He was really good and is on our "want him back" list. He has been good both times he has been here."

- The New Moon - 17 March 2018

"He was one of the best we’ve had so far."

- The Sun - 24 November 2017

"What a night. What an entertainer!"

- The Hare & Hounds - 27 October 2017

"He was great."

- The Phoenix - 13 October 2017

"What a lovely man. I got a lot of good feedback. Thanks."

- Trades & Labour Club - 30 September 2017

"Andy was really good and if we were staying would definately book him again!"

- The Phoenix - 18 August 2017

"Andy was really great. Excellent addition to your team."

- The Three Tuns - 29 July 2017

"Ballroom Blitz went down a storm. Busy club and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Thanks."

- Sports & Social Club - 20 July 2019

"Ballroom Blitz were great as usual."

- The Fountain - 2 June 2018

"Ballroom Blitz were great, thanks!"

- TAO - 25 March 2018

"Beaten Tracks went down a storm."

- The Southdowns - 28 February 2020

"The band were fab and we've have had so many great comments about them from our guests. I will certainly recommend them for future events. Thanks again for helping everything run smoothly."

- Private Function - 18 January 2020

"They were great thank you Vicki. It was a really good night."

- The Southdowns - 1 November 2019

"The guests certainly enjoyed the lively and upbeat sound track!"

- Bognor Regis Town Council - 28 March 2019

"A huge thank you for everything you did to make the party so very special. I really can't thank you enough. Our feet are just beginning to touch the ground!"

- Private Party - 22 December 2018

"Beaten Tracks were great thank you. I will keep them in mind for any future parties we might have. They were exactly what we were looking for."

- The Sportsman - 1 December 2018

"The members loved them, thank you."

- Beach Club - 13 October 2018

"Beaten Tracks were really good on Friday. Thank you."

- The Six Bells - 15 June 2018

"Beaten Tracks went down very well, we will look to book them in again."

- The Six Bells - 20 April 2018

"They were superb, thank you."

- The Hothampton - 10 March 2018

"Really good band - will look to book them again."

- The New Moon - 18 November 2017

"Loved Beaten Tracks, it was really busy for them, they were great."

- The Coach & Horses - 20 October 2017

"Hi Vicki. Beaten Tracks were brilliant yesterday. A great afternoon and a great band. Thank you."

- The Hothampton - 1 October 2017

"Thanks guys for a fantastic night at The Black Horse. Really good feedback. See you soon."

- The Black Horse - 29 September 2017

"Beaten Tracks were fab, customers really enjoyed it."

- The New Inn - 30 April 2017

"Beaten Tracks. What a great band."

- The William Hardwicke - 26 June 2016

"Your set was very well received, lots of good comments."

- Corporate Event - 5 June 2016

"I’ve had tons of excellent feedback on how good the band was. So much so I have 2 tentative future bookings (for you)."

- Private Function - 2 June 2016

"Thanks again for a great night, the guys were excellent!"

- The Crown - 23 April 2016

"Your trio went down very well last night, thanks."

- The Royal Air Forces Association - 19 March 2016

"Thank you, they were great, as always."

- The White Hart - 3 October 2015

"...it was a great night with everyone having a great time...thanks."

- The Good Companions - 30 August 2015

"It was good thanks, they went down well. We will be looking to rebook them..."

- The Railway - 7 August 2015

"Went really well thank you, the crowd we had in loved them."

- The Wheatsheaf - 28 March 2015

"They were really good, will definitely have them back."

- The White Hart - 21 March 2015

"...thanks so much for Beaten Tracks at the weekend, they went down really well."

- The Coal Exchange - 10 January 2015

"All went very well. Thank you."

- The Stag's Head - 9 March 2018

"They were great thank you. Definitely one of the best acoustic duos we’ve had."

- The Tudor Rose - 11 November 2017

"Beaten Tracks Duo were a success, everyone seemed to have a good time, thank you."

- The Onlsow - 27 October 2017

"Beaten Tracks Duo were really good."

- The Mulberry - 12 August 2017

"Beaten Tracks Duo were very good. Good mix of music."

- The Royal Oak - 21 July 2017

"All went well, they're very good, it was a pleasure to have them."

- The Forest Inn - 7 October 2016

"It went really well thank you, a good night enjoyed by all."

- The Station - 16 July 2016

"Yeah was good...all enjoyed, cheers."

- The Railway Institute - 17 April 2016

"They were great, customers and staff loved them."

- The Slug & Lettuce - 6 February 2016

"Thank you, they went down very well."

- The Phoenix - 8 January 2016

"Everything went great, thank you."

- The Vine - New Year's Eve 2015

"Thanks Vicki, another great show from The Booze Brothers, the garden was packed."

- The Lion - 11 June 2017

"They were very popular and I'm sure that we'll have them again."

- The Lion - 30 April 2017

"We had a cracking night, will definitely be booking them again in the near future."

- The New Inn - 24 March 2017

"The Booze Brothers went down really well, thank you."

- The Terrace Club - 18 March 2017

"It was a brilliant night, thank you."

- Oxfords - 17 December 2016

"Hi Vicki, just wanted to say, fantastic night last night with The Booze Brothers, we had a great crowd, brilliant entertainment from them and would highly recommend to any venue, as we will certainly have them back. Thanks once again for your help."

- The Halfway - 28 August 2016

"Hi Vicki, just like to say thank you to you for suppling The Booze Brothers, great entertainers who's'enjoyment was infectious! Thoroughly enjoyable and professional. Thank you!"

- The Prince of Wales - 15 May 2016

"He was brilliant and went down really well. We would love to have him back."

- The Hothampton - 1 December 2019

"He was brilliant. We will have him back soon. Great bloke, great singer, great personality."

- The Thatched House - 22 June 2019

"Brent was well received and was his usual brilliant self."

- Sports & Social Club - 23 February 2019

"The members thought he was fantastic and want me to book him again."

- Sports & Social Club - 24 December 2018

"Very good evening! Brent was brill."

- The Anchor - 7 October 2018

"Brent was amazing."

- The Southern Cross - 20 April 2018

"Brent was fantastic, great feedback from all the customers."

- Nelsons - 12 November 2017

"Brent was absolutely brilliant once again."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 27 August 2017

"Brent was great. We love him."

- The Tudor Rose - 12 August 2017

"Brent was amazing. What a talented musician he is. I'd love to have him back."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 4 June 2017

"Brent was brilliant. We would definitely love him to come back."

- The Tudor Rose - 21 May 2017

"He was amazing. We want to book him again."

- The Foresters - 12 June 2016

"It went really well, we will have them back." (DUO)

- The Seal - 14 February 2016


- The Marlborough Head - 30 October 2015

"Brent was excellent."

- The Olive Branch - 14 June 2015

"...very good, everyone seemed to enjoy him!"

- The Railway Institute - 12 April 2015

"He was brilliant again :-)"

- The West Town - 6 March 2015

"We had a great time! Danny is a brilliant musician and we all enjoyed his performance and company! He was definitely a good choice!"

- Private Function - 27 October 2018

"Thank you so much, Danny was just perfect."

- Private Function - 22 September 2018

"Danny was fantastic."

- The Wheatsheaf - 25 August 2018

"Danny was fabulous. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. We will definately book him again!"

- The New Moon - 21 July 2018

"Danny was great thank you, can we book him again."

- The Sun - 13 April 2018

"Danny was very good, we had a great night, everyone loved him."

- The Hare & Hounds - 10 February 2018

"GJs Duo were amazing as always – they are a Murrell favourite."

- The Murrell - 21 September 2019

"We had a really good night with GJs Duo. Thank you."

- The Stag's Head - 7 September 2019

"They were great, thank you."

- Beach Club - 18 August 2018

"They were really good, thank you."

- The Tudor Rose - 16 June 2018

"They were very good, like last time!"

- The Cocked Hat - 29 December 2017

"They were really good, everyone loved them."

- The Lion - 12 February 2017

"GJs are new for us, we like them, perfect for the pub, good choice."

- The Murrell - 9 July 2016

"All good thank you, it went very well. The guys did a good job."

- Private Function - 27 December 2015

"They were amazing, loved them, thank you."

- The Coach & Horses - 26 September 2015

"Excellent thank you, the guys were just right."

- Private Function - 5 September 2015

"(they) were brilliant, everyone enjoyed them, they were great. Thank you so much."

- Private Function - 18 July 2015

"All went well, all enjoyed the evening, thanks."

- The Royal Naval Association - 28 March 2015

"It went great last night, they were really good."

- The Black Horse - 18 January 2015

"I've had lots of great feedback from all the guys who were working and it was a busy night, definitely one we'll have back "

- The Pheonix - 7 February 2020

"It was fantastic, everyone had a great night and said the band were amazing."

- Private Function - 14 December 2019

"GJs Group were great and went down really well."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 14 July 2018

"GJs were fantastic as usual, whether they're a duo or a band they always deliver a great performance. We had a packed garden on Bank Holiday Sunday and lots of compliments. We will definitely re-book them."

- The Lion - 27 May 2018

"The GJs Group last night was amazing, had a lot of positive feedback."

- The New Moon - 16 December 2017

"The GJs Group were absolutely fantastic on Saturday. Some great feedback from people."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 2 December 2017

"They were fantastic thank you! Would definitely book them again!"

- The Roebuck - 22 April 2017

"They were really good."

- Qudos - 10 June 2016

"All went well. The customers seemed to really enjoy the band."

- The Portsbridge - 8 April 2016

"Absolutely fantastic band, very professional and nice people, will definitely book them again sometime. Thanks again."

- The Black Horse - 11 March 2016

"Everything went great. The band were well received...The crowd were up for a dance...all seemed to have a good time."

- The Prince of Wales - 23 January 2016

"They were great. Everyone loved them. They are a Plough favourite."

- The Plough & Barleycorn - 10 October 2015

"Absolutely blinding...great atmosphere..."

- The Alex - 1 August 2015

"Thanks for the band, they were great as always."

- The Cricketers - 25 July 2015

"...they were great, thank you!"

- The Half Moon - 20 June 2015

"They were great!"

- The Plough & Barleycorn - 21 March 2015

"...it was lovely to have them play again, they go down very well here, thank you."

- The Coal Exchange - 31 January 2015

"Grant was absolutely brilliant this afternoon."

- The Stag's Head - 20 May 2018

"It was great thanks. He went down really well."

- Private Function - 12 May 2018

"Grant was excellent, just right for the evening, enjoyed by all."

- The Royal Naval Association - 8 April 2017

"What a great night, Grant James was amazing. Even had the most unlikeliest of people up and dancing!"

- The Aviator - 27 February 2015

"..it was great, he's fantastic, they loved him!"

- The White Hart - 5 December 2014

"Another great night with great feedback so will definitely see her back in future."

- The Anchor - 14 April 2019

"Helena showed off another side playing some superb country acoustic followed by backing tracks. A great performance enjoyed by all that were watching and listening."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 29 July 2018

"Thank you for sending us Helena. She went down so well with her varied song choices and had the crowd singing along. A must to rebook."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 24 June 2018

"Saturday was really good with Helena Mace, everyone had a fab night. Thank you."

- The Rainbow - 24 June 2017

"Helena was terrific, just as she was when we had her before."

- The Royal Air Forces Association - 12 March 2016

"Really good evening, she really did a very good job."

- The Royal Naval Association - 25 July 2015

"She was fantastic. Everyone liked her."

- Private Function - 19 July 2015

"...she went down a storm...I will be booking her again for next year."

- The Royal Air Forces Association - 30 May 2015

"They were absolutely fantastic, went down a storm! Thanks so much."

- The Lion - 14 February 2020

"They were wonderful as always."

- The Foresters - 23 August 2019

"The entertainment went down very well last night, they were very professional, thank you very much."

- The Rotary Club of Bognor Regis - 18 May 2019

"NYE was a fantastic night. Helena and Grant were fab."

- The Stags Head - 31 December 2018

"Grant James and Helena Mace were absolutely terrific."

- The Royal Air Forces Association - 12 August 2017

"Everybody loved them. We would like to book them again."

- No. 1 - 1 April 2017

"It was a good night last night. They are a good duo, we must think about having them back."

- The Royal Air Forces Association - 18 March 2017

"They were fantastic, had such good feedback on them, it was a great evening, thank you x"

- Private Function - 4 March 2016

"...they went down really well thank you - perfect for Crimbo parties."

- The Phoenix - 4 December 2015

"It went very well thanks. Helena had hurt her back but you wouldn't have known it. Very professional."

- Trades & Labour Club - 7 March 2015

"They were lovely and certainly got the crowd dancing. It was a great night! Thanks for sorting."

- The West Town - 6 February 2015

"They were really good, everybody enjoyed themselves and we would definitely book them again. Many thanks."

- The Stag's Head - 24 January 2015

"A 10/10 performer. Our crowd loved her, she had the entire pub up dancing and singing."

- The Wheatsheaf - 4 May 2019

"Jenna was spot on! Another one we would definitely have back in future. Thanks."

- The Anchor - 13 January 2019

"Jenna was incredible."

- The Wheatsheaf - 15 December 2018

"Jenna Hall was terrific as always last night. She got right into the spirit of our carnival entry 'GREASE' by singing a few songs from it too."

- The Royal Air Forces Association - 9 June 2018

"Amazing singing and performance. Would 100% want her back every 5 or 6 weeks."

- The New Moon - 10 February 2018

"Jenna Hall was, as usual, terrific. She is so liked at the club, we look forward to her coming back in June. It's just a pity we have to wait until then."

- The Royal Air Forces Association - 18 November 2017

"Jenna Hall was was amazing again last night."

- The Four Chesnuts - 22 September 2017

"Jenna Hall was brilliant and guests have been saying the same. Please thank her again. Will highly recommend her. Thank you."

- Private Function - 29 July 2017

"Jenna Hall was brilliant."

- The Four Chesnuts - 8 July 2017

"We had a great night with Jenna Hall. It was a very busy night and she kept everyone dancing. All good comments, and we look forward to her return visit in November."

- The Royal Air Forces Association - 6 May 2017

"Jenna Hall was fab. She kept the dance floor full and all said they enjoyed her."

- The Royal Air Forces Association - 13 August 2016

"She was a great girl and very good entertainer. Thank you"

- Trades & Labour Club - 5 September 2015

"As usual, Jenna was on top form, it was a very good night, thank you."

- The Murrell - 25 July 2015

"good call, she not only sings but has charisma."

- The Murrell - 5 June 2015

"Yes she was very good...will definitely have her back."

- The Railway Institute - 1 February 2015

"Joe is brilliant!"

- The Royal British Legion - 14 March 2020

"Joe was fantastic as per usual and his musical range keeps astounding our customers."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 15 February 2020

"It was fantastic, he did really well and went down a storm."

- The Phoenix - 14 February 2020

"Joe was great, thanks! The crowd danced and sang the afternoon away."

- Sports & Social Club - 15 September 2019

"Joe was excellent as always."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 7 September 2019

"It was lovely to have Joe here, as always."

- The Seal - 31 August 2019

"Joe was amazing as always."

- Chalcraft Hall - 4 August 2019

"Joe was amazing, thank you! We will definitely look to have him back in the future."

- The White Swan - 23 March 2019

"It was a great night, thanks Vicki, we will definitely be having him back again."

- The Royal Naval Association - 16 March 2019

"Joe Butt was fantastic. Such a good entertainer and well liked by the Members."

- The Royal Air Forces Association - 8 December 2018

"Joe was great thanks, we will definitely book again."

- Sports Club - 19 October 2018

"Joe was his usual amazing self!"

- Trades & Labour Club - 8 September 2018

"Joe went down really well."

- The Murrell - 1 September 2018

"Joe Butt was on sensational form on Saturday and had the place rocking all night. The pub was full."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 28 July 2018

"Joe Butt was really good thank you."

- The Royal Naval Association - 15 July 2018

"Joe was fantastic, customers loved him, he was great so will definitely be booking him again."

- The Cricketers - 20 April 2018

"They absolutely loved Joe and asked to have him again. They were all so impressed."

- Beach Club - 17 February 2018

"Absolutely superb night. Joe is a star."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 11 November 2017

"Joe Butt was great. Will definitely have him again."

- The Locomotive - 5 August 2017

"Joe Butt is an absolute star. So happy we got in contact with yourself and booked him."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 2 July 2017

"Everyone loved Joe Butt, he was very good. Thank you."

- The Farmers - 30 June 2017

"Joe Butt was brilliant today."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 28 May 2017

"As always, he's a star!"

- Trades & Labour Club - 8 April 2017

"All went well, Joe did a great job. A great mix of music."

- The Royal Naval Association - 18 March 2017

"He was brilliant, really good feedback."

- The Forest Inn - 4 November 2016

"Joe was amazing as always."

- Football Club - 24 July 2016

"Joe was fantastic as usual! Thanks again!"

- The Sportsman - 25 June 2016

"Joe is the perfect lazy summer Saturday choice of music cheers."

- The Murrell - 7 May 2016

"Joe was very good...word is spreading how good he is."

- The Royal Naval Association - 16 April 2016

"Thanks to Joe for a brilliant afternoon. It was all a bit last minute but you were the silver lining behind that cloud. Fantastic afternoon."

- The Alex - 3 April 2016

"It's always good with Joe!"

- The Red Lion - 26 March 2016

"Joe Butt was fab., thank you."

- The Phoenix - 18 December 2015

"Joe Butt went down a storm at The Terrace Club...we all had a really good night and enjoyed his set very much."

- The Terrace Club - 10 October 2015

"He was brilliant thank you, everyone at the wedding loved him."

- The Sportsman - 5 September 2015

"He was amazing thank you so much! Everyone I have spoken to has said how good he was!"

- Football Club - 30 August 2015

"He went down a storm on Saturday. Thank you for swapping things around to suit the last minute booking."

- The Harvest Home - 8 August 2015

"Joe was wonderful, really enjoyed having him and would love to book him again."

- The Winterton - 17 July 2015

"He was amazing, he had everybody up dancing, thank you Vicki."

- The Tudor Rose - 11 July 2015

"Thank you very much, our customers loved him, what a lovely guy! Perfect for the occasion! Thank you so much!"

- The Roebuck - 13 June 2015

"Thanks Vicki, he was great...Really enjoyed him."

- The Berkeley - 5 April 2015

"Joe was his usual excellent self. Better still he brings his own crowd...we had a great evening thanks."

- Trades & Labour Club - 14 March 2015

"yes all was great, he's such a nice fellow, thanks."

- The Coal Exchange - 11 March 2015

"As awesome as before... Played to the Xmas party we had in and with some banter as well... Was a pleasure to have him back.."

- The Prince of Wales - 20 December 2014

"Kim was great, a lot of people dancing. She went down really well."

- The Masonic Hall - 13 April 2019

"Kim went down a treat as usual."

- The Fisherman's Joy - 3 November 2018

"Kim was great, as always."

- The Royal British Legion - 29 September 2018

"Kim has an amazing voice and was popular with those that were here. Definitely one to come back."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 17 June 2018

"Kim G was absolutely brilliant, she is so lovely and had everyone up dancing and singing."

- The Stag's Head - 25 May 2018

"Kim G was brilliant last night, everyone had a fab nite, she was really good."

- The Stag's Head - 24 February 2018

"Kim G was first class, I have been asked when am I going to have her back by a lot of customers."

- Nelsons - 2 September 2017

"It was just like a piano bar. Laid back Sunday. Everybody had a great afternoon."

- The Royal British Legion - 27 August 2017

"Kim G was excellent. A great night had by all."

- The Royal Naval Association - 1 July 2017

"Hello Vicki, thanks for sending us Kim G, she was great."

- The Four Chesnuts - 27 May 2017

"A massive thank you to Kim G for her performance on Thursday night. The evening was a great success and Kim provided our entertainment beautifully."

- Private Function - 30 March 2017

"Kim did a wonderful job, everyone thoroughly enjoyed the music."

- Town Council Civic Event - 17 August 2016

"Kim was lovely thanks. Will sort out another date soon."

- Trades & Labour Club - 9 January 2016

"The Luck Jacks went really well on Friday, it was a good night."

- The Stag's Head - 16 November 2018

"The Lucky Jacks were brilliant, can I book them for next year?"

- The White Horse - 28 September 2018

"The Lucky Jacks were great, they always go down well here."

- The Six Bells - 25 May 2018

"The Lucky Jacks were great last night."

- Beach Club - 28 April 2018

"Thank you, The Lucky Jacks were brilliant, so pleased with them and lovely guys too."

- The Stags Head - 1 September 2017

"The Lucky Jacks were great as usual."

- The Pier - 6 August 2017

"They were absolutely amazing."

- The Hole in the Wall - 12 July 2016

"They were great. We had a great crowd in the pub too."

- The Plough and Barleycorn - 2 April 2016

"It was a great nite, thanks again."

- The Royal British Legion - 12 March 2016

"We loved them thank you, and would like to have them back again in the new year."

- The Wyvern - 11 December 2015

"Hi Vicki, Saturday was fantastic...The band was great, very professional, great set, great guys, highly recommend them."

- Private Function - 25 July 2015

"...brilliant..my customers love them..thank u so much."

- The Alex - 28 June 2015


- The Marquis - 20 June 2015

"They went down very well, thank you."

- The Anchor - 30 May 2015

"Thank you Vicki, the band was great and went down very well."

- The Gribble - 16 May 2015

"Cheers...they played great yesterday can I (re-) book them..."

- The Bishops Blaize - 5 April 2015

"...the band are really good x x x x"

- The Barleymow - 20 February 2015

"They were very good and we would love to have them back."

- The Vine - 4 November 2016

"The Lucky Jacks Duo were very good again as per normal."

- The Royal Naval Association - 2 July 2016

"Really good, thanks."

- The Red Lion - 12 July 2015

"Thank you, The Lucky Jacks (Duo) were great...(they) were lovely guys who were very flexible with us."

- Funlands - 25 June 2015

"They were brilliant, we had some fantastic feedback from the customers."

- The Hothampton - 3 June 2018

"Band were brilliant last night :-)"

- The Hothampton - 2 February 2018

"Brilliant band!"

- The Hothampton - 17 November 2017

"Midnite Sun were fantastic last night."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 27 May 2017

"Midnite Sun were great thanks."

- The Red Lion - 17 September 2016

"All the bands went down a storm - especially the headline act!"

- Woolstock - 2 July 2016

"Brilliant, thank you."

- The Bishops Blaize - 18 June 2016

"Mike was very good. Thank you once again."

- The Dolphin - 23 November 2019

"All went really well, a lot of people have already asked if we can have him back again, thank you."

- The Royal Naval Association - 26 January 2019

"Hi Vicki, another great performance last night. Mike Wroth was brilliant, got there early, he's got a great set up and was a really great performer, thank you."

- The Thatched House - 13 October 2018

"He's brilliant, thank you."

- The Phoenix - 17 August 2018

"Mike was brilliant, he got everyone up dancing, we will definitely book him again."

- The Phoenix - 14 July 2018

"A big thumbs up, great night, fantastic guitar skills will defo use him again."

- The Stag's Head - 12 May 2018

"Hi Vicki - amazing feedback today for One 4 The Road would love to get them back in later in the year. Thanks as always for fantastic bands."

- The Lion - 15 March 2020

"The guys last night were really good, we would love to have them back again this month if possible."

- Watermark - 31 May 2019

"They were a huge hit, thank you."

- Beach Club - 11 August 2018

"Thanks to the band for a great night enjoyed by all."

- The West End Brewery - 24 February 2017

"Colin went down well. I have messages from some of my regulars saying how good he was."

- The Rising Sun - 1 December 2018

"Everyone enjoyed the evening, thank you."

- Working Men's Club - 27 May 2017

"He did very well. All enjoyed the evening."

- The Royal Naval Association - 3 September 2016

"Rocking Colin was great thanks."

- The Red Lion - 1 May 2016

"He's great entertainment."

- The Stag - 2 April 2016

"Best night we've had in ages!"

- Conservative Club - 31 October 2015

"Just a quick note to say what a fantastic Great Gatsby night last night. Sarah Saville was amazing, sang all the songs from the era."

- The Royal Naval Associaton - 22 February 2020

"It all went really well and Sarah was just what we needed. Thank you so much."

- The Anchor - 21 December 2018

"Sarah was amazing, a true professional."

- The Thatched House - 17 November 2018

"Hi Vicki, may I personally say thank you for letting us book Sarah last night, she is a true professional and she brought the house down, she was brilliant."

- The Thatched House - 22 September 2018

"Sarah went down very well, she is a really nice person and sang a good variety of music."

- Constitutional Club - 15 September 2018

"Sarah was fantastic. She will certainly be someone to have in the future. Thank you for organising her."

- Armed Forces Day - 16 June 2018

"Sarah was very good, thank you."

- The Fisherman's Joy - 2 June 2018

"Sarah was brilliant and everybody enjoyed it."

- The Murrell - 19 May 2018

"Just to let you know that Sarah went down really well last night and we've had some great feedback. People up and dancing all night long."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 17 March 2018

"All was really good with Sarah, she was fantastic. Everyone said she should be back."

- The New Moon - 24 February 2018

"Love Sarah. She was great."

- The Royal British Legion - 2 September 2017

"Sarah was fantastic Vicki, thank you, I'd definitely like to book her again."

- The John Selden - 26 August 2017

"Everything went brilliant. My customers said how good Sarah Saville was, everyone was on their feet dancing."

- The Portsbridge - 4 August 2017

"Sarah Saville is so lovely. She was brilliant with the crowd tonight. What a singer. Definitely be discussing return dates with you for her."

- The Inn on the Furlong - 23 July 2017

"All great. People love Sarah Saville here."

- The Three Tuns - 24 June 2017

"Sarah was fab. All good with your artists. Loving it!"

- The Royal British Legion - 8 April 2017

"Sarah was very good on Saturday night, thank you."

- The Tudor Rose - 18 February 2017

"Sarah was very well received and I had very good feedback from my customers."

- The Marlipins - 27 August 2016

"She was really good, thank you."

- The Raven - 25 June 2016

"Sarah was great and it was a lovely day for the club. Thanks."

- Sailing Club - 12 June 2016

"She played very well to the audience and went down well with a good mixture of music."

- The Phoenix - 15 April 2016

"Sarah went down really well, it was a nice way to end the weekend."

- The Bun Penny - 28 March 2016

"Sarah Saville was fantastic."

- The Tudor Rose - 26 March 2016

"She went down very well thank you very much."

- The Station - 18 March 2016

"It was great thanks :-)"

- The Red Lion - 17 March 2016

"Everything went very well with Sarah Saville. She interacted very well with everyone here and was a fantastic act."

- Private Function - 30 December 2015

"Everything went great with Sarah, I hope she enjoyed herself too, she fitted in very well, thank you Vicki - we would most definately use your services again."

- Funlands - 21 November 2015

"Sarah was fab last night, she kept them on the dance floor...and she is such a lovely lady. I will be booking her again next year."

- The Royal Air Forces Association - 22 August 2015

"Sarah was, of course, fabulous. The people that were in were saying the next day what a great voice she had!"

- The Berkeley - 26 June 2015

"...was a good night, good atmosphere."

- The Railway Institute - 30 May 2015

"Amazing as usual, thanks."

- The Murrell - 28 March 2015

"It went well. Sarah is excellent."

- The Good Intent - 22 March 2015

"Everyone really enjoyed it, thank you"

- The Rainbow - 14 March 2015

"O.M.G. she was sooooooo good. We all loved her and will be booking her again for next year."

- The Royal Air Forces Association - 15 November 2014

"It was a very good night and they are a must for the future."

- Nelsons - 30 November 2019

"What an excellent choice you made with Steve, a really good night, everyone dancing. Will definitely be wanting Steve back again."

- The Royal Naval Association - 24 August 2019

"Steve was very good, thank you."

- The Mulberry - 18 August 2018

"I had very good feed back from members, so thank you. I want to book him again."

- Constitutional Club - 2 June 2018

"He went down great, they loved him."

- Beach Club - 24 March 2018

"They were really good, the members loved them."

- Beach Club - 8 June 2019

"It went very well thank you. People really enjoyed the music."

- The Westleigh - 23 March 2019

"Amazing band last night, very nice people! Guests had so much fun with them! Thanks."

- The Cocked Hat - 1 December 2017

"Brilliant thanks Vicki. Will be booking them again definitely."

- The Black Horse - 25 November 2016

"We had a great night, thanks."

- The Royal British Legion - 13 August 2016

"They were great. Thanks Vicki."

- The New Inn - 23 July 2016

"They were brilliant...those that were there loved them."

- The Sportsman - 19 March 2016

"Yesterday was brilliant, we were really packed."

- The Alex - 10 January 2016

"They were really good, thanks."

- The Wheatsheaf - 19 December 2015

"The band were very good."

- The Royal Air Forces Association - 13 June 2015

"Was a busy night. They went down well. Thanks."

- The White Hart - 30 May 2015

"Terry went down a storm, there was huge demand for him to return."

- The Hothampton - 27 January 2019

"All good as always! Great man, great performance and will always be on our list!"

- The Anchor - 14 December 2018

"Terry was great last night."

- The Hunters - 1 December 2018

"It was a very good evening, a pleasure as always. Thank you."

- The Fisherman's Joy - 10 November 2018

"It was a good night, thank you, Terry was great as always."

- The Tudor Rose - 7 July 2018

"He was really good."

- The Royal Naval Association - 30 June 2018

"Terry was brilliant. Thank you."

- The Hothampton - 10 June 2018

"Terry was great. Thank you."

- Bognor Regis Carnival - 9 June 2018

"It was an absolutely brilliant night, as always."

- The Anchor - 20 January 2018

"Terry was great thanks."

- The Vine - 17 November 2017

"Terry was great as usual. Thanks Vicki"

- The New Moon - 20 October 2017

"Terry was brilliant. Exactly what I'm after."

- The West Town - 22 September 2017

"Terry was absolutely superb. Everyone loved him. Great entertainer with a superb voice."

- The Hothampton - 1 September 2017

"Terry Carvey was popular as always! We will definitely be asking him back next year."

- The Anchor - 5 August 2017

"Terry Carvey was great. Thank you."

- The Tudor Rose - 1 July 2017

"Terry was amazing! Everyone loved him and we will definitely be booking him again."

- The Farmers - 2 June 2017

"Hi Vicki, Terry was super and we'll certainly book him again."

- The Punchbowl - 13 May 2017

"Everyone had a lovely time, he's a very good entertainer and knows what people like. Thanks again."

- The Lamb - 15 April 2017

"Great night thank you - he's such a lovely man."

- The Phoenix - 14 February 2017

"Had a great time with Terry. All at the club liked him and want him back."

- Working Men's Club - 29 January 2017

"Terry was amazing as always."

- The Anchor - 23 December 2016

"All good thank you. Everyone enjoyed Terry."

- The Vine - 3 December 2016

"Absolutely brilliant, we love Terry here. Thank you"

- The Forest Inn - 2 December 2016

"Terry was great on Saturday, thank you."

- The Anchor - 1 October 2016

"Thanks great weekend. Terry went down really well as usual."

- The Phoenix - 12 August 2016

"Terry did his normal great job and all enjoyed the evening."

- The Royal Naval Association - 23 July 2016

"He was very good, thanks."

- The Railway Institute - 25 June 2016

"It was a very busy night and he went down well."

- The Clockhouse - 28 May 2016

"Terry Carvey was great. Everyone loved him I'll have to book him again."

- The Wickham - 16 April 2016

"Thanks, he was really good."

- The Locomotive - 9 April 2016

"Terry was fantastic as usual."

- The Murrell - 8 April 2016

"Excellent night with Terry. He was a star and we would defo have him back again. Thank you Vicki for turning a bad situation into a very good one."

- The Anchor - 2 April 2016

"Terry as usual put his heart into his singing and went down well with the members."

- The Royal Air Forces Association - 26 March 2016

"It went great thanks. The girls had a great time."

- Ladies Night @ Yacht Club - 27 February 2016

"Terry is awesome."

- The Prince of Wales - 21 November 2015

"Great music!"

- The Red Lion - 31 October 2015

"Terry was fantastic as usual."

- The Murrell - 24 October 2015

"He went down really well, everyone wants him back!"

- The Royal Naval Association - 26 September 2015

"Hi Vicki, just want to say that Terry was great, everyone loved him."

- Private Function - 25 July 2015

"Terry was awesome, thank you."

- The Winterton - 3 July 2015

"Terry was great and well received so we are keen to have him return in the future."

- The Winterton - 12 June 2015

"...very good, he was a really nice guy and very entertaining."

- The Florence - 9 May 2015

"My customers enjoyed his performance and are looking forward to his next one."

- The Marlipins - 19 April 2015

"Terry was the best yet! The locals loved him, can we book him in again?"

- The Aviator - 17 April 2015

"Terry did very well...He is such a nice person...It was refreshing to hear some different sounds. He kept the dancers happy..."

- The Royal Air Forces Association - 11 April 2015

"...everything went well, they love him down at the Clockhouse."

- The Clockhouse - 14 March 2015

"...it all went very well, he was a hit!...Thanks."

- The Boathouse - 31 December 2014


"Thanks for helping us out massively, you’ve got us some great performers in The Thatched House."

- The Thatched House

"Morning Vicki. Just a note to say thank you so much for a fantastic weekend of artists. Both acts were fantastic."

- Joe Butt, The GJs Group

- The Inn on the Furlong - 5 & 7 May 2018

"Vicki is a great agent who has contacts with a lot of great venues and lovely landlords. She's got me gigs at some of my favourite venues to date and for that I'm very grateful."

- Jenna Hall

"Morning Vicki, just to let you know we raised £1018.95 yesterday, can you please pass on our thanks to the guys, they all helped make the day a success."

- Joe Butt, Elevator

- The Country Inn - 20 August 2016

"Bands were great! Everyone enjoyed them all."

- The Brent Hutchinson Band, Terry Carvey, Midnite Sun

- The Anchor - 20 August 2016

"All the bands went down a storm - especially the headline act!

Once again, thank you and please extend my thanks and gratitude to Jon and all the other bands/members that took part this year."

- Elevator, 90 Miles An Hour, Joe Butt, Midnite Sun

- Woolstock - 2 July 2016

"Thank you for all your help (the party) went really well."

- Ian Booker

Private Function - 2 July 2016

"Thank you so much for brilliant music at our Kite Festival! Went down well. Will defo be booking with you for next year!"

- Sarah Saville, Terry Carvey, Ian Booker, The Renegade Dogs, The Wrong House

- Kite Festival - 24 & 25 October 2015

"Just wanted to say a very big thanks for the great acts on Saturday and Monday afternoon. Both went down really well, and were great."

- Ian Booker, Beaten Tracks

- The Bun Penny - 31 August 2015

"Thank you so much for all your help, very impressed the way everything was handled."

- Terry Carvey

- Private Function - 25 July 2015

"Thank you so much. If we ever have music again or anyone ever wants music I will gladly put your name forward. Great party music, absolutely fantastic."

- The GJs Duo

- Private Function - 18 July 2015

"Thanks again for all your help and support that enabled this years Woolstock event to be the most successful ever! Raising just over £6000 for charity!"

- Joe Butt, Ian Booker, REMbrandt, The Renegade Dogs, Beaten Tracks

- Woolstock - 4 July 2015

"Unfortunately due to illness (our band) have had to cancel...but a huge thank you to Vicki Wheeler... she organised a replacement band for us with 3 hours notice...now that's what I call service. x"

- The Lucky Jacks

- The Alex - 28 June 2015

"The (band) were great, looking forward to using your services again - thank you for your time and quick response in helping us for Epilepsy Action."

- The Lucky Jacks

- Funlands - 25 June 2015

"Thank you for all your help and support, it was a great day. We raised around £250.00 which will provide 5 days of activities on the camping trip."

- Beaten Tracks, Joe Butt, Sarah Saville, Brent Hutchinson

- RAYDAR Festival - 14 June 2015

"Thank you so much for all your help in putting together our Bank Holiday music weekend - your assistance in organizing and marketing the event is much appreciated and your musicians and bands are a credit to you: always professional, arriving in good time to set up and delivering top class entertainment.

We look forward to working with you again in the future."

- Brent Hutchinson, Ian Booker, Beaten Tracks

- The Locomotive - 25 May 2015

"I use you because your artists are good and you're efficient, cheers Vicki"

- The Murrell Arms - 2 April 2015

"The Chichester MG Owners' Club has a membership of well over a hundred, and so we felt we needed a website.

Vicki Wheeler worked well with us to identify our needs and create a really good, professional website.

The result has attracted many more members, and has become a reference site for lots of MG enthusiasts. This is not only in the UK, but from as far away as the USA.

Vicki has continued to keep the site well maintained and she is always looking to work with us to make improvements.

We are very pleased to have Vicki as our web-designer, and look forward to continue building on the success of our site with her services."

Andy Harris - Area Secretary - Chichester MG Owners' Club

"Vicki Wheeler has worked as part-time Office Administrator for Millstone Landscapes for six years. It is a position that helps towards the smooth and efficient running of our business and can only be undertaken by a well-organised and motivated person with excellent IT skills.

Her duties included assisting with invoicing, dealing with daily staff time-sheets, word processing, dealing with clients and answering telephone enquiries.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Vicki to any potential employer or client and wish her every success in her future endeavours - we will miss her."

Arthur Gliaubertas - Commercial Director - Millstone Landscapes Limited




'Vicki Wheeler - Music Agent' acts as an Employment Agent

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